Washable Doormats

Washable Doormats That Combine Fashion and Function

Enhance the grandeur of your home with the waterproof durable, fade-resistant doormat from RiZZ. Made with handmade craftsmanship and backed by a 10-year warranty, our high-end doormats are the epitome of luxury and style.

Doormats are sometimes overlooked, but they are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere of our homes. A washable doormat is an elegant blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal that not only welcomes visitors with its warm design but also assures a neat entryway with its practical wash and wear feature. With the growing popularity of washable doormats, homeowners now have a useful and fashionable way to keep their entrances spotless. One brand that has taken this concept to new heights is RiZZ. Our washable doormats expertly combine style and utility to produce a must-have home accent.

Washable Doormats

Exploring the Excellence of RiZZ Washable Doormats

Enter the world of washable doormats to see how perfectly practicality and aesthetics. RiZZ washable doormats redefine convenience by providing the best barrier against tracked-in dirt, debris, and wetness. These mats not only guarantee a spotless entrance but also protect flooring from possible harm by trapping foreign objects at the doorway. RiZZ doormats come in various materials and elegantly blend visuals and functionality while meeting different demands and preferences. Cleanliness and elegance are effortlessly combined with RiZZ washable doormats, which elevate your entryway while offering outstanding functionality.

Key Benefits of Our Washable Doormats

  • Effectively Traps Water, Snow and Sand: Unique handmade design & construction ensures water, snow and sand trapping. Even in the rainy season, it doesn’t gets soggy.
  • Time-Saving: Reduces cleaning efforts by preventing dirt from entering your home.
  • Stylish Design: Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your entryway with a modern and attractive appearance.
  • Durable Material: Built to last, ensuring long-term use and value for your investment.
  • Easy to wash

The Fusion of Fashion and Functionality

RiZZ doormats are the ideal synthesis of aesthetic appeal, toughness, and environmental awareness. RiZZ washable doormats are evidence of their aesthetic and usefulness. They are carefully chosen to achieve a balance between design and practicality. Because of the mat’s open construction and the ease with which dirt gets blown by the wind or washed away by the rain, its effectiveness is clearly shown.

RiZZ washable doormats are distinguished by their innovative design and easily disperse dirt and debris in all weather. By actively reducing the dirt and moisture in your living area, this preventive technique dramatically improves its cleanliness and dryness. RiZZ doormats stand out as the ideal option for individuals looking for a stylish, long-lasting, and environmentally responsible solution to maintain the importance of their homes.

The Science Behind Washable Doormats

Washable doormats are not just visually pleasing; they also excel at trapping dirt and moisture effectively. Their exceptional construction holds the key. Advanced technologies are used in RiZZ washable doormats that ensure optimal dirt and moisture absorption. Also our doormats exceed conventional solutions in catching dirt particles and preventing them from spreading into our homes.

Incomparable functionality of our washable outdoor doormat, where cutting-edge design meets robust functionality. With its open design, this mat cleverly uses the forces of nature, allowing dirt to easily blow away with the wind or be carried away by the rain. Its constant effectiveness endures through time, a testament to the enduring excellence of RiZZ products. These doormats are made from high-quality materials and stand the test of time while still providing excellent service. This area is resistant to sand and dirt, which gracefully flow through the open profile to keep your home clean.

Our exceptional washable indoor doormat, a masterpiece of design and functionality. Crafted with high-loop frisé fibres, this mat redefines indoor elegance. Encased in a premium leather framework, it exudes the opulence of a luxury rug while retaining its unmatched durability. With an impressive capacity to absorb 300% more moisture than standard alternatives, this 13mm loop height mat stands as a stalwart guardian against unwanted dampness. Yet, its appeal extends beyond performance – requiring only minimal maintenance. A quick run of the hoover effortlessly revitalises its pristine appearance. Meticulously crafted in The Netherlands, this indoor doormat symbolises a harmonious union of luxury and resilience, promising an enduring welcome that makes a lasting impression.

Washable Doormats

The Perfect Doormat for Every Home Decor Style

Customised Elegance for Every Entryway with outdoor Doormats

The extensive collection of outdoor washable doormats, where exact functionality meets aesthetics, cannot be summed up in one size. RiZZ is aware of the importance of size and shape selection and provides a wide range to accommodate different entryways. RiZZ offers large doormat with size 175 cm width, this mat fits patio doors, double doors and sliding doors perfectly, Medium doormat with 120 cm width is a great fit for large doors and small doormat with 90 cm wide mat fits a single door perfectly.

Also, RiZZ goes above and beyond by offering options for customization that effortlessly align with particular layouts because it recognises that entryway designs differ. RiZZ doormats embrace originality while upholding the greatest standards of design and utility thanks to this thorough attention to detail, which ensures that they blend perfectly into any home decor style.

Indoor Doormats: Tailored Elegance for Your Space

RiZZ has a wide selection of sizes for indoor washable doormats that perfectly combine usefulness and elegance, embracing the individuality of every entryway. It is crucial to choose the appropriate size and shape, and RiZZ acknowledges this by offering a range of alternatives to fit different settings. RiZZ’s selection has something for everyone, from the small indoor mat’s 90 by 60 cm appropriate size for single doors to the large indoor mat’s 175 by 70 cm great size for patio doors. RiZZ goes above and above in acknowledging the uniqueness of entryway designs by providing solutions that are easily adaptable to different needs. Because of this careful attention to detail, RiZZ’s washable doormats become a crucial component of any home’s decor, boosting both beauty and functionality and makes it the best washable indoor door mats.

Washable Doormats

Range of Doormats to select from

Select your favourite large doormats. 

Anthracite Teak luxury doormat
Anthracite Teak
White Teak luxury doormat
White Teak luxury doormat
White Teak
Silver luxury doormat
Silver luxury doormat
Silver Teak
Anthracite luxury doormat
Anthracite luxury doormat
White luxury doormat
White luxury doormat
Silver doormat
Silver doormat
Washable Doormats

Ten-Year Warranty that Speaks of Confidence

We are confident in our high-end quality, unique design and durability of our doormats, which is why we offer a ten-year warranty. This warranty speaks volumes about the confidence we have on our products and their ability to withstand the test of time. By utilising our unique dutch designs and robust materials, we guarantee that our mats will last for at least a decade, maintaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal. With our ten-year warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. This makes our mat one of the best outdoor waterproof doormat for all the seasons.

Washable Doormats

Longevity and Eco-friendliness: Maintaining Sustainability

It is crucial for homeowners to make a durable doormat investment. RiZZ is conscious of this need and ensures the materials used to construct its doormats are robust. Doormats by RiZZ are designed to withstand rough handling while preserving their quality over time.

A sustainable foundation serves as the cornerstone of the RiZZ brand. They offer options that are environmentally friendly and represent the values of those who care about the environment. RiZZ helps reduce waste and make more environmentally friendly choices by utilising recycled materials and applying sustainable manufacturing techniques.

Washable Doormats

Enhancing Safety and Comfort with Washable Doormats

Even at the door, safety should never be compromised. RiZZ doormats are made with anti-slip characteristics to give both homeowners and visitors a secure entryway. The RiZZ washable doormat is meticulously hand-made with dutch design. It effortlessly removes 80% more sand and debris than any ordinary mats. Due to the open profile structure, dust can be easily blown or washed away by the wind or rain. Because it is made of high-quality materials, the mat will continue to perform well over time, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner house for years to come. Because of its unmatched quality, we are confident that we offer the greatest anti-slip doormat for every consumer who is concerned about safety.

Washable Doormats

Doormats for large and double doors

These high quality doormats are available in 3 sizes. Beside that the factory is also specialised in custom doormats.

Large doormat: Thanks to its 175 cm width, this mat fits patio doors, double doors and sliding doors perfectly.

Medium doormat: The 120 cm width is a great fit for large doors.

Small doormat: The 90 cm wide mat fits a single door perfectly.

Your Perfect Doorstep

Make your set complete with indoor mat & design brooms.

Perfect doormat double doors

About RiZZ Luxury Doormats

RiZZ is a 80-year old company from the Netherlands. Since 1941 various members of the Zuiddam family have contributed in their own way to the development of todays company.

The innovation, development and production of high quality brush applications are still central, but now RiZZ is a market-focused company more than ever.

RiZZ is exceptional in making unique handmade goods what will put the soul into the products. Every product sold means a lot, but happy customers is what the team of RiZZ is driving on daily basis.

RiZZ’s methods have evolved with the times but the trademark aspects of the business remain. The 10-year warranty proofs RiZZ is totally committed to delivering the highest quality products that uphold the dedication to craftsmanship.


All these luxury doormats are produced by RiZZ BV in the Netherlands. They are a family run business and produce all their luxury indoor, outdoor mats and design brooms in the local factory in Nijkerk.

In the special webshop of RiZZ BV the full collection of luxury outdoor doormats, indoor mats and design brooms are available to the whole world.

RiZZ Design works together with large shipping parties to get worldwide, high quality shipping for their unique products. Big benefit of these relations is that they can offer free shipping to the United States (from $450), UK and Europe.

In the RiZZ Design webshop you can pay with a lot of payment providers like:

  • American Express
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Maestro (Europe)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • AliPay

Additional payment methods are accepted in some countries:

  • V PAY (Europe)
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
  • ING Home’Pay (Belgium)
  • Belfium (Belgium)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • CartaSi (Italy)
  • Carte Bancaire (France)
  • Dankort (Danmark)
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  • Sofort by Klarna (Germany)
  • Giropay (Germany)
  • iDEAL (Netherlands)
  • IDEAL QR (Netherlands)

Yes, RiZZ can cover your needs. On the special page, you can calculate the cost by filling in the dimensions. The team will confirm the details of the custom doormat and start producing your doormat with the RiZZ high-quality brush strips.

Yes,  it is all season mats with the warranty of 10 years.

A brush-off or a simple shake is often enough to remove loose dirt and debris. For deeper cleaning, you can use mild detergent and water.

Yes, we have small, medium and large waterproof outdoor mats. Also, you can create your own custom size.

Yes, it is an all season mat. It is one of the best outdoor doormat for rain & snow.

Yes, it is an all season mat. It is one of the best outdoor doormat for rain & snow.