Dirt trap doormat

Keeping Your House Sparkling Clean with RiZZ Dirt Trap Doormat

Enhance the grandeur of your home with our best Dirt Trap Doormat. Made with handmade craftsmanship and backed by a 10-year warranty, our high-end doormats are the epitome of luxury and style.

Our health and well-being depend on our homes being clean and free of dust. By lowering our risk of allergies and respiratory infections, it can help to improve our physical health. It can also help to improve our mental health by strengthening a sense of calm and peace. Cleanliness maintenance can be difficult, as a result of the frequent tracking of dust, trash, and allergens from the outside.The RIZZ Doormat is a ground-breaking response to this issue. It is a top-notch doormat made to stop dirt, debris, and allergens from getting inside your house. The RiZZ Doormat comes in a choice of designs to compliment any decor and is made of an extremely durable material that is simple to clean and maintain.

Dirt trap doormat

Introducing the RiZZ Dirt Trap Doormat, a revolutionary milestone in doormat technology that redefines cleanliness. With its advanced construction, blending cutting-edge strip brushes and open dirt chambers, the RIZZ Dirt Trap Doormat is the doormat that traps dirt like no other. This isn’t just a doormat; it’s a guardian against dirt and debris, ensuring that your home or business is always welcoming and inviting. Boost your doorstep aesthetics with the RIZZ Dirt Trap Doormat and benefit from a cleaner, healthier environment for all who enter.

How RiZZ Dirt trap doormat works

The RiZZ Dirt Trap Doormat, a representation of original Dutch design concepts, stands with creativity and style. This masterpiece was skillfully handcrafted with artisanal precision in The Netherlands. By effortlessly removing 80% more sand and dirt than standard mats, it surpasses them and rightfully holds the distinction of best dirt trapping doormat. The open profile structure, which enables dust to be blown away by the wind or washed away by rain. This mat isn’t simply a one-time wonder; thanks to the premium materials used in RiZZ products, its functionality remains strong over time. Sand, mud and debris flow through the open profile design, maintaining its effectiveness over time.

Key Features and Benefits

The RiZZ Dirt Trap Doormat is the perfect solution for you. This doormat is made of premium materials and is both strong and stylish. With a 300% higher moisture absorption rate than normal doormats, it is also extremely useful. It also means that it will keep your floors clean and dry by trapping dirt and moisture before they can enter your house.

Additionally, the Doormat is simple to maintain; all that is required is regular vacuuming to keep it looking great. It is the ideal approach to maintaining a cozy and neat house all year round.

The RiZZ Dirt Trap Doormat is simple to maintain, It is the ideal approach to maintaining a cosy and tidy house all year round. The RIZZ Dirt Trap Doormat is the ideal way to keep your house clean, no matter whether you live in a desert or snowy region and have pets who track in dirt. 

Dirt trap doormat

RiZZ Doormat’s Durability and Longevity

Our handcrafted, Dutch-designed masterpiece takes the undisputed title of best dirt-trapping doormat in all environments. It is expertly constructed, with a rust-resistant aluminium frame strengthened by anodization and powder coating that raises the bar for resistance and durability in the most extreme conditions. This doormat is resistant to scorching heat and freezing cold, perfectly retaining dirt and moisture. Due to its unmatched durability and strength, it presents itself as a sign of lasting quality. This is a real example for everyone searching for a doormat that will keep their home tidy and dry, an investment that will pay off for a luxurious touch many years to come.

Different Variants of RiZZ Doormat

Our indoor mats complement this by blending naturally with their outside counterparts and with any interior style. These mats come in three colours: anthracite, white, and natural, and have edges that easily match different decors. RiZZ indoor mats provide a selection that expertly compliments your indoor design, whether you want the anthracite edge for a contemporary contrast, the white edge for modern cohesiveness, or the natural edge that resonates with wooden flooring.

At RiZZ, we are committed to striking the perfect balance between modern aesthetics and uncompromising simplicity. This outlook is beautifully captured in our stunning collection of outdoor luxury door mats, which comes in four exquisite modern colours: anthracite, silver, black, and white. With this selection of solutions, you have the ability to quickly enhance the beauty of your outside surroundings. For those wishing to add a little personalization, the choice of a teak inlay is available, showcasing our commitment to your individual taste. With RiZZ outdoor mats, you are welcome to embrace the beauty and customised personalization, turning your entrance into a statement of style.

Environmental Considerations

This dirt trap doormat, which has environmental awareness at its core. Because it is made of high quality, easily recyclable materials, it has a highly less carbon footprint. This offers a sustainable solution for those seeking both a pristine home and an eco-friendly planet. Additionally, the RiZZ Doormat excels in capturing dirt and moisture, protecting your home from allergies and messes before you can enter. By choosing the RiZZ Doormat, you are choosing to embrace both a cleaner home and a more sustainable planet. Your decision reflects a dedication to both your own comfort and the well-being of the world.

Range of Doormats to select from

Select your favourite best indoor doormat for snow

Luxus-Fußmatten schwarz
Luxus-Fußmatten schwarz
Luxus-Fußmatten schwarz
Luxus-Fußmatten schwarz Teak
Luxus-Fußmatten schwarz Teak
Luxus-Fußmatten schwarz Teak
Luxus-Fußmatten Weiß Teak
Luxus-Fußmatten Weiß Teak
Luxus-Fußmatten Weiß Teak
Doormat that traps dirt

A Decade of Assurance: The 10-Year Warranty for Unwavering Peace of Mind

Our excellent 10-year warranty gives you peace of mind about the quality and longevity of our doormats. These doormats effectively resist sand, debris, and mud because they were created with an innovative design that combines strip brushes with open dirt chambers. In fact, because of handmade Dutch design, they can remove up to 80% more dirt and debris. Beyond the ability to clean, these doormats are a model of durability, made of materials designed to survive the worst weather and constant foot traffic. Your RIZZ doormat comes with a 10-years long warranty that promises years of dependable service. Don’t pass up the chance to spend money on a doormat that perfectly blends visual attractiveness with enduring durability. An investment in a doormat that traps dirt, confirming its position as the best dirt trapping doormat available, is what a RIZZ outdoor doormat is more than just a purchase. Don’t hesitate; to get a RIZZ outdoor doormat immediately to guarantee both durability and style.

Doormat that traps dirt

Global Presence & Satisfied Customers

Our products represent a tireless commitment to excellence, receiving an amazing 9/10 ratings from customers. Each RiZZ product shows outstanding craftsmanship, dedication, and beauty and is supported by an extensive 10-year warranty. We are prepared to immediately handle any issues if they do. Your satisfaction is our guiding principle, driving us to deliver top-tier customer service. The perfect 9/10 rating reflects both customer satisfaction and our commitment to quality.

Dirt trap doormat

Dirt Trapping Doormat: A Perfect Solution for Pet Owners

Pet owners are familiar with the effort of cleaning up pet hair and filth all over their houses. In this aspect, RIZZ Doormat is a game-changer. Pet hair and dirt are successfully trapped by its modern dirt-trapping technology, keeping them from spreading. With the RIZZ Doormat, you can put an end to the constant battle against fur and paw prints and enjoy a cleaner living space.

Large custom luxury doormats

Doormats for large and double doors

These high quality doormats are available in 3 sizes. Beside that the factory is also specialised in custom doormats.

Large doormat: Thanks to its 175 cm width, this mat fits patio doors, double doors and sliding doors perfectly.

Medium doormat: The 120 cm width is a great fit for large doors.

Small doormat: The 90 cm wide mat fits a single door perfectly.

Order Your RiZZ Luxury Doormat Today And Experience The Luxury!

Say goodbye to cleaning worries and hello to the RIZZ Dirt Trapping Doormat, the revolutionary handcrafting product. The extraordinary power of this doormat to capture dirt and dust like a true superhero elevates it above ordinary ones. It’s hardly an exaggeration to say it’s the best dirt-trapping doormat. The RIZZ Doormat is your dependable buddy, ensuring a clean and healthy living environment designed by Dutch design to take on the never-ending stream of dirt and unwanted allergies. With the RIZZ Doormat, you’re not just getting any doormat – you’re getting the superhero of cleanliness for a happier and healthier home!

So why RiZZ?

Our luxury front door mats are skillfully handcrafted in the Netherlands, representing passion and perfection. The commitment of Luxury front door mats are more than just floor coverings; they are an act of style and a commitment to luxury living. In the field of luxury home decor, RiZZ has long been at the forefront of great craftsmanship, and our line of Dutch-designed mats and brooms continues to raise the bar. Our mats are the ideal accent to any house or terrace entrance, offering classic elegance and modern sophistication to suit a variety of tastes and preferences.

Perfect doormat double doors

About RiZZ Luxury Doormats

RiZZ is a 80-year old company from the Netherlands. Since 1941 various members of the Zuiddam family have contributed in their own way to the development of todays company.

The innovation, development and production of high quality brush applications are still central, but now RiZZ is a market-focused company more than ever.

RiZZ is exceptional in making unique handmade goods what will put the soul into the products. Every product sold means a lot, but happy customers is what the team of RiZZ is driving on daily basis.

RiZZ’s methods have evolved with the times but the trademark aspects of the business remain. The 10-year warranty proofs RiZZ is totally committed to delivering the highest quality products that uphold the dedication to craftsmanship.


All these luxury doormats are produced by RiZZ BV in the Netherlands. They are a family run business and produce all their luxury indoor, outdoor mats and design brooms in the local factory in Nijkerk.

In the special webshop of RiZZ BV the full collection of luxury outdoor doormats, indoor mats and design brooms are available to the whole world.

RiZZ Design works together with large shipping parties to get worldwide, high quality shipping for their unique products. Big benefit of these relations is that they can offer free shipping to the United States (from $450), UK and Europe.

In the RiZZ Design webshop you can pay with a lot of payment providers like:

  • American Express
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  • Visa
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  • Maestro (Europe)
  • Apple Pay
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Additional payment methods are accepted in some countries:

  • V PAY (Europe)
  • Bancontact (Belgium)
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  • EPS (Austria)
  • CartaSi (Italy)
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Are you looking for a luxury large custom doormat? RiZZ can cover your needs. On the special page you can calculate the cost by filling in the dimensions. The team will confirm the details of the custom doormat and start producing your personal doormat with the RiZZ high quality brush strips.

Yes, RiZZ can cover your needs. On the special page, you can calculate the cost by filling in the dimensions. The team will confirm the details of the custom doormat and start producing your doormat with the RiZZ high-quality brush strips. 

Anodised Aluminium Inner Frame & Teak Wood & PVC Extruded UV-resistant Nylon Bristles.

A brush-off or a simple shake is often enough to remove loose dirt and debris. For deeper cleaning, you can use mild detergent and water.

Yes, it is an all season mat. It is one of the best indoor doormat for snow & rain.